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Tales from the Dragon's Wing

tales from the dragons wing cover

Welcome to tavern the Dragon's Wing

Whether you are a weary traveller, or a random passerby after a visit to the nearby circus, this is the perfect place to relax a while. Fill your stomach with Yuza's delicious stews and enjoy the local mead which flows freely. All this beneath a real Dragon's wing.

Enter and who knows, you might even get some adventurers to share their story. At least, if the dice are in your favor...

Discover tonight in our tavern:

Borkul’s bizarre bazaar by Eva Linden
The ultimate weapon by Kenneth Baert
Lisorna’s Fate by Thomas Danneels
The helping hand by Jelle Spruyt
The betrayal of Silvertongue by Bram Verlinden
The mighty Magician Marcus Malazan,
Master of the macabre by Jelle De Smet
The Lay of Eladir by Nicolas de Clippele
The riddle of the Sphinx by Morgan Blade

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